Keto Headaches

If you haven’t already, time to hop aboard the keto train. Keto dieters are growing in numbers, and results continue to show the diet’s effectiveness in weight loss and a general sense of well being. The aim of the keto diet is to bring the body into ketosis , a metabolic state in which fats are favored over carbohydrates as an energy source. When fats are converted to energy during this process, the body produces amino acids called “ketones” as byproducts. These ketones have been shown to be beneficial for the body in numerous ways. The keto diet is not without its side effects, however. Good things take time, and weathering some uncomfortable symptoms as your body transitions is normal. We’ve … Read more

Ketosis Overview

Sometimes it’s important to head back to the basics before making any rash decisions. Diet, fitness and exercise are three of the fastest trending topics of today’s wellness world, all of which carry significant weight when it comes to scientific research. Making informed decisions goes farther than just knowing the facts, it’s also about knowing your body. A certain diet might be easy and effective for one person while bringing uncomfortable side effects to another. Our individual physiology and personal discipline to stick to a plan often determines the success of a given diet. Here at we are obvious proponents of the keto diet, and we make it our mission to keep our audience informed and up to date … Read more

Best Keto Yogurt

When starting a new diet it can be discouraging to read long lists of products you can no longer indulge in. For many traditional diets that focus on cutting calories, it sometimes feels like you can’t eat anything with taste, or anything that you really crave. Luckily for those who have decided to go keto, there is plenty of tasty (and healthy) food that you can consume while adhering to the diet guidelines. So let’s get to it, and start talking about yogurt. Many people think that going keto means cutting out dairy, but that’s just not true. While some dairy (such as processed milk and cheese) is high in carbohydrates and should be avoided, full fat and organic options … Read more

Essential Keto Camping Food

The weather is warming up and despite the unusual circumstances of 2020, there seems to be plenty of opportunities coming up in the next few months to dig out the tent and sleeping bags and head out for an adventure. But how does this work with your keto diet? We are here to assure you that camping on a keto diet has never been easier, and there is no need to take a break to fit in the social outing. If you are brand new to the keto diet or looking to take your first steps towards the keto lifestyle, we do have a small word of caution. If there is a camping trip in the near future, you might … Read more

Exercise and Ketosis

The keto diet has been shown to encourage fast and effective weight loss as well as provide numerous other benefits including increased mental health, healthier skin, and better sleep patterns. As this diet grows in popularity, more and more research is being done to either prove or disprove its marketed benefits. As far as weight loss is concerned, the keto diet is a favorite among nutritionists due to its more “natural” approach. Along with the beneficial research about the diet, there are increasing concerns about how the diet can affect different aspects of our day-to-day life. In this article, we look at one of those concerns, namely howthe keto diet can affect exercise. What is Ketosis? The keto diet originates … Read more

Keto Hair Loss

With any new diet there comes a shock to the body that can result in unwanted side effects. Normally the symptoms are temporary and can be easily managed when fully understood. For those who have started a new keto diet, or for those who are interested in learning more about it, here we go over the unwanted side effect of hair loss while on the keto diet. Going keto is fast becoming a household phrase in the diet and wellness community, with good reason. A keto diet brings with it a long list of benefits, weight loss right at the top. As well as a healthy loss of extra fat, those who embark on a keto lifestyle report long term … Read more

The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Intermittent fasting is far more than just the latest fitness trend… It’s an evidence-based way to lose weight and it also provides a number of other benefits- from lowered blood sugar to increased energy. So, you’re here because you’re interested in starting to intermittent fast or perhaps because you’re already doing so. There are a number of different intermittent fasting methods but one problem unites them all…  It can be really difficult to fit intermittent fasting into a hectic lifestyle. You want to make sure you get the benefits but it seems like there is a lot to remember. That’s where this list comes in handy. We’ve tried and tested the best intermittent fasting apps so that you don’t have … Read more

KetoLogic BHB Review

The keto diet is taking the world by storm, and if you haven’t given it a try, your neighbours probably have. With terrific benefits such as effective weight loss and detoxification, the keto diet has caught the attention of many, from athletes to celebrities. The diet encourages the body to enter into ketosis, a metabolic process in which the body focuses on burning fat over sugar. Many of us have become accustomed to a high percentage of sugars comprising our diet, snacking on carbohydrates throughout the day. Our bodies have become conditioned to using these sugars as the main sources of energy, and the keto diet aims to correct that.  KetoLogic BHB at a glance Maker: KetoLogic Flavours: Orange-mango, cucumber-lime, … Read more

Does Ketosis Make You Smell Bad?

People all over the world are getting more interested in the keto diet, a program designed to recondition your body from burning sugars to burning fats. Using a diet consisting of small amounts of carbohydrates and high quantities of fat and protein, the body becomes better at converting available fats into amino acids called ketones, the term from which the name of the diet is derived. The science behind the keto diet has shown many positive effects including weight loss, increased mental well-being and detoxification. With success stories coming in with more frequency, alternatives and derivatives of the diet (like the Beef and Butter Fast) are becoming more mainstream and giving nutritionists and scientists more opportunity to verify it’s validity. … Read more

A Guide to the Beef and Butter Fast

The purpose of the beef and butter fast is to throw your body into ketosis while ridding yourself of foods that may stall you in your weight loss. While this 4-day challenge is not recommended as a regular diet, it’s a method that can jumpstart your keto lifestyle, or help you to overcome a plateau in your current keto diet. Ketosis is the metabolic process your body enters when it has depleted its stores of glucose (sugar) and starts to burn stored fat. The result is a conversion of fat into ketones, that build up and produce desirable effects including weight loss, cellular repair and improved mental health.   A strict 4-day beef and butter fast consists, surprisingly, only of beef … Read more