KetoLogic BHB Review

The keto diet is taking the world by storm, and if you haven’t given it a try, your neighbours probably have. With terrific benefits such as effective weight loss and detoxification, the keto diet has caught the attention of many, from athletes to celebrities. The diet encourages the body to enter into ketosis, a metabolic process in which the body focuses on burning fat over sugar. Many of us have become accustomed to a high percentage of sugars comprising our diet, snacking on carbohydrates throughout the day. Our bodies have become conditioned to using these sugars as the main sources of energy, and the keto diet aims to correct that.  KetoLogic BHB at a glance Maker: KetoLogic Flavours: Orange-mango, cucumber-lime, … Read more

Does Ketosis Make You Smell Bad?

People all over the world are getting more interested in the keto diet, a program designed to recondition your body from burning sugars to burning fats. Using a diet consisting of small amounts of carbohydrates and high quantities of fat and protein, the body becomes better at converting available fats into amino acids called ketones, the term from which the name of the diet is derived. The science behind the keto diet has shown many positive effects including weight loss, increased mental well-being and detoxification. With success stories coming in with more frequency, alternatives and derivatives of the diet (like the Beef and Butter Fast) are becoming more mainstream and giving nutritionists and scientists more opportunity to verify it’s validity. … Read more

A Guide to the Beef and Butter Fast

The purpose of the beef and butter fast is to throw your body into ketosis while ridding yourself of foods that may stall you in your weight loss. While this 4-day challenge is not recommended as a regular diet, it’s a method that can jumpstart your keto lifestyle, or help you to overcome a plateau in your current keto diet. Ketosis is the metabolic process your body enters when it has depleted its stores of glucose (sugar) and starts to burn stored fat. The result is a conversion of fat into ketones, that build up and produce desirable effects including weight loss, cellular repair and improved mental health.   A strict 4-day beef and butter fast consists, surprisingly, only of beef … Read more

Crescendo Fasting Explained

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about dieting plans, fat burning pills and miracle solutions to help you lose weight fast. While searching for a program that fits your needs, it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt and make sure your research is presented responsibly. After all, science is still catching up to many of our modern-day trends, and as consumers, we sometimes have to accept that we don’t have the long-term studies necessary to make adamant conclusions. Intermittent fasting is on the tip of every nutritionist’s tongue, and fasters are reaping the benefits of putting their bodies on fasting cycles that work best for their lifestyles. There are various types of intermittent … Read more